About Us

The Windsor Laser Eye Institute is world renowned for its work and contribution in vision correction procedures. The Institute is committed to providing the most advanced technology in LASIK surgery to produce superior results for our patients. Since 1991, we have helped enhance the lives of thousands of people from the Windsor and Detroit area who have chosen us to perform their vision correction procedure.

Established over 30 years ago by our Medical Director and Chief Surgeon, Dr. Fouad Tayfour, The Windsor Laser Eye Institute was the first to adopt LASIK as the procedure of choice to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Technological advancements aside, we continue to be a leader in the industry for the personable approach we take with every patient. Our professional team provides exceptional service and employs the highest standards of patient care. Many eye surgeons refer their more difficult cases to The Windsor Laser Eye Institute. This is a true testimony to the skill and knowledge of Dr. Tayfour and his professional team.

We always strive to place our patients first and our co-management program with other eye care specialists in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario is an example. With this service, our dedicated team can arrange all pre and post operative care for our patients with optometrists closer to their home. We are readily available to respond to your questions and needs to make your experience at the Institute a pleasant one.